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Reasons for being on a athletic team for Ambassador Christian School

  1. Strong Relationships-Students that are on a team together go through the struggles of athletic challenges together and continue to encourage each other no matter what the condition or how high the challenge is.
  2. Strive to be a Champion-Ambassador student to compete against other students both in practice and in games if they are able to gain playing time.  This drive to work hard and improve physically and mentally can give them confidence in their future endeavors. 
  3. Traveling with the Team-Being together with other students in the vans traveling to games can be a chance to socialize and see other schools.  This time together in the vans talking and fellowship can be a great help to build new friendships. 
  4. Get to Know Coaching Staff-As a Christian school, one of our primary goals is to mentor and encourage students to get to know how God is leading our Coaches.  Building a relationship with your athletic coach can be an inspiration to your life and many times coaches are some of the best models of Christ at our school. 
  5. For The Team- Being a team helps develop a selfless attitude in students to help their team.  The goal is for you to do your best to help improve our team's opportunity to win.  You get to choose if you want to play in games or if you want to join in league competition.  All students must attend all practices and games, but the love for their teammates will help bring out the best in them.